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Over the years, during which I have owned this site, I have tried all sorts of things, to make it pay for itself, without much success, just lately, however I have started to use Clickbank and at last I am seeing some action.  They tell you how to do it on their site, but basically people with E-products offer site owners like me the opportunity to advertise their products and get a sales commission if anyone from their site buys any downloadable product. Clickbank does all the work. 

Clickbank have made this quite easy and even I have been able to do it, setting it up is only like signing on to facebook and the products that are being offered to affiliates to sell are all vetted by Clickbank. 

If you would like to see a selection of proven items which are selling well and will provide you with essential information and a residual income for just advertising them, go and have a look and you do not actually have to have a website which is attracting lots of visitors, like mine does.  There are ways to send traffic to your affiliate's site without having a website of your own.

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You can choose links to products that are relevent to pages on your site as I have (see: Getting jobs in Abu Dhabi and Dubai or Tilapia production) or more general one that are useful more generally, like those on this page.  You can even select things that interest you or appeal in some other way, it is limited only by your imagination.  Have a look at the rest of my site and you can see.   Click

I have just added this page and I have not chosen any links for it yet, but it won't be long, keep tuned to see what I find. 

Here is the first link:  Make a Strategic Plan for your Business in 7 easy Steps:

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We've all been there...

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In fact when she tried it she couldn't even follow simple instructions. She appeared to get everything all wrong... Or did she?

It turns out Vicky's 'mistake' made her over $3,000 in just 48 hours...

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Vicky's Mistake


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